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Fundamentals First Sports offers high school athletes the opportunity to become members of the Youth Academy Basketball Team, an Independent High School Varsity Boys Basketball Program. The mission of the basketball program is to provide an alternative option for high school basketball players to compete on a varsity level outside of their respective schools. One of the goals of the basketball program is to expose members to colleges, scholarships, and recruitment opportunities, as well as to teach them life skills through the game of basketball and service to others. Ultimately, we want to instill characteristics of integrity, resilience, discipline, and responsibility into our players so they will be well prepared to become productive citizens within their prospective communities no matter where their life’s journey takes them.

Fundamentals First Sports’ objective is to educate, encourage, and empower athletes on all levels. We want to maximize our athlete’s full potential to obtain valuable skills, tools, and resources to accomplish their goals and overcome obstacles within their athletic and life journey. We’re about developing the complete basketball player, on the court, in the classroom, and in the community. Our desire is to make an impact on the next generation of athletes. We specialize in building young men and women in the game of basketball as well as in life. The principles and problem-solving strategies we teach can be applied to any aspect of life. The principles and problem-solving strategies we teach can be applied to any aspect of life. There will be challenges on our journey, but how do we use the right strategies and knowledge to overcome those challenges? We believe in building our community and relationships around education and that’s what sets FFS apart. We care about equipping every player that steps into our program. We’re grateful for being able to become a beacon of light even if it’s just interim. 

What matters most to us is having the opportunity to make an impact on the next generation and generations to come. If we build those who are coming up behind us, they will in return do the same for those after them. Parents, individuals organizations, and leaders can join in efforts to improve the lives of our youth and communities. When we impact the youth, that is literally how we impact the future of the world.

Youth Academy Warriors Athletic Sponsorship

The Youth Academy Warriors invites you to become a sponsor for our annual Athletics Program Sponsorship Drive to benefit the Boy’s Basketball team. Exciting things are happening this upcoming season for Youth Academy, and we are offering an opportunity for local businesses and families like yours to become Athletic Sponsors. Your contributions will be targeted exclusively to purchase athletic gear and equipment as well as to pay necessary facility, tournament, activity, and travel expenses. Your donation will advance the mission for the future of the basketball program. All sponsorships given will go directly back to our student-athletes and into the athletic program.

In return for serving as an official athletic sponsor/supporter, the Youth Academy Athletics Program will feature your organization/family as a sponsor on our website, social media, and at-home games. This would help your organization gain exposure among Youth Academy parents, audience, and supporters in the broader Metro Atlanta area. YA Athletics would be happy to start a partnership at any level! We hope that you join us in supporting our athletes and their families as we embark on an amazing season ahead! Please take a moment to review our website and request the sponsorship package. If you are excited by this opportunity but have questions, please reach out to us at 470-437-6191.

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