About Us

About the Warriors

The mission of the basketball program is to provide an alternative option for high school basketball players to compete on a varsity level outside of their respective schools. One of the goals of the basketball program is to expose program members to colleges, scholarships, and recruitment opportunities, as well as to teach them life skills through the game of basketball. Ultimately, we want to instill characteristics of integrity, resilience, discipline, and responsibility into our players in that they can become productive citizens within their prospective communities. We do this by offering placement on an independent high school basketball team that plays a full season against surrounding city and state high schools. 

The program includes educational and team-building opportunities as well as opportunities to travel to experience advanced skill development programs, basketball camps, tournaments, and training clinics. In the Youth Academy basketball program, we provide opportunities for community service, leadership training, college tours, and male empowerment. We aspire to support athletes who will graduate from the program ready for lives of leadership and service to their community. 


We’re committed to the students we are privileged to serve. We take pride in having the most active and helpful group of partners, donors, visionary parents, well-wishers, and friends.

On the Court

We build the complete basketball player through skill development,  and discipline.

In the Classroom

We encourage program members to prioritize education alongside building on life principles.

In the Community

We push for building strong community relationships to develop future leaders off the court.

Youth Academy is a blessing with the active student athletes and committed program supporters around.

Mission Statement

We’re passionate about growing and directing our youth in excellence.

Our mission at Youth Academy is to develop the unique abilities and potential of each individual player by offering an enriched basketball program. We strive for excellence through a hands-on approach. 

Our Core Values

For Exceptional Growth, Foundation is Critical.

We have a culture that is modern, relevant, and inspires our players to contend for the brightest future. We are determined in our approach to coaching, are creative in our thinking, and bold in our ambitions.

Our Coaching Philosophy

For Excellent Performance, We Focus on Discipline and Consistency.

We believe through hard work, confidence, and dedication our goals as a team can be reached. We train our players to trust the process with a positive mindset and a willingness to learn. We believe discipline and consistency is a conduit for success. Our players will give 100 percent effort and learn what it means to work together as a team.